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Birth Photography is capturing your journey through your baby’s first breath and first cry, cutting the cord, your first expressions, and when you see their face and everything about that brand new bundle of joy and each one of their first precious and incredible moments of life, right from the delivery room.

Your baby’s birth is one of the most emotional & momentous occasions in your life! The more accurate question would be – Why wouldn’t you hire a Birth Photographer?

The labor and birth of your child are some of the most precious moments of your life and worth being preserved. Birth photography captures your unique labor and delivery story so that you can revisit these first extraordinary moments for the rest of your life. 

You won’t regret it because nothing can compare to that moment when you and your baby meet for the first time when two become three when a family is born. 

They say that the memories of these first few moments fade so quickly. And, sadly, it is true. Adrenaline, medication, and excitement cloud your memory. Birth Photography helps capture & preserve these precious memories for you. Parents at that time were so focused on a million different things- the health of mom, the health of baby, the pain! Who wants to think about taking pictures at a time like this?! That’s where we come in! 

Wouldn’t you rather hold your partner’s hand during this special time than be distracted by taking photographs?

One of the most asked questions is, “Will you take pictures of everything?’ And our answer is we are careful to capture tasteful and beautiful images, so there is no worry about your modesty or privacy. Being female photographers ourselves, we ensure that your memories are beautiful and classy.

When you book a shoot with us, one of our photographers will keep in touch with you, taking updates. Even if you go into labor in the middle of the night, one of our photographers will be available 24/7 for you.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. And the answer is NO. We are all trained and equipped to photograph in the extremely erratic lighting of the hospitals. Also, we do not want to risk harming a newborn baby’s eyes with so much light. Rest assured, you will get beautiful photographs no matter how bad the lighting is.

Yes! All births are precious, and we have experience photographing all types of birthing situations. We are equipped to photograph inside the operation theater, and you will still get beautiful images of your first meeting with your little bundle of joy.

Absolutely! In case you wish to meet us before the shoot, we can fix a meeting. We love to meet and discuss your preferences and what you want to get photographed. He’s the best way to get to know each other, answer questions, and make sure we’re on the same page.

Birth can be very unpredictable and typically has no predetermined time for when it will happen or how long it will last. We could be with you for 6 hours or 30. We are on-call and available for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week for sometimes up to a month, which means not being more than an hour away at any given time, all for the passion and love of helping you welcome your baby. Birth photographers are some of the most skilled in the industry as they have to know how to produce excellent quality images in the very difficult and often dark lighting situations that mothers often birth in. Your birth photographer should have top-of-the-line equipment to produce excellent results. Think of the standard price range of wedding photography.

We meet clients before attending their birth. We want to get to know each other and feel comfortable together before the big day. Consider us a fly on the wall during birth. We shoot with intention; our camera only goes up when the moment is right.

As soon as you decide to have your birth photographed. The sooner, the better! This gives you a chance to meet the photographer well in advance and discuss the matter in detail about the shoot.

Contact us through the contact page or send us an email. 

Why are people hesitant to hire a professional photographer for the occasion? We often hear that they don’t want an extra person in the birth room, they don’t want the occasion captured on film, or if they do, then they feel confident in their husband’s ability to handle the camera. So, to those people who need convincing, here are six reasons why you need a professional birth photographer.?

(1) You Forget. Things during birth become a definite blur and even more of a blur for the next 2 hours after birth. These photos will jog your memories, and since the photos turn out so beautiful, they definitely jog back beautiful memories. 

 (2) Babies change so quickly. They can come out of the womb and look incredibly different an hour later (Birth is a whirlwind; by the time the dad has a chance to pick up the camera, their head shape has already changed, feet have stretched out, that crooked nose has already slightly straightened, etc.)

(3) Fathers should be in the photos, not taking the photos. Birth can be an emotional roller coaster (for the dad, too!), and he shouldn’t have to worry about handling a camera during labor delivery, and the first couple hours of life. Let him support you, enjoy holding his baby, and greet family visitors!

(4) The emotion and expression experienced during a birth is priceless! How amazing to be able to look back at the expression you had when you met your child for the first time and their expression when they met you. Birth is full of real emotion that you will likely never have the chance to get in other photo sessions. The smiles are real. The tears are real. The exhaustion is real. The love is real!

(5) Quality Crisp Images. If you tried to take photos in a darkened birth room, you would likely need to use a flash with your camera. Still, birth photographers have the proper equipment and lenses to be able to take crisp photos in low light without a flash, and that’s important when dealing with a newborn’s sensitive eyes.

 (6) The Value of Beautiful Images. People don’t bat an eye at booking a maternity or newborn photo session, but why not value the moment the baby actually enters this world? We think it’s nice to have newborn shots, but if you have to choose between hiring us for maternity/ newborn pictures or birth pictures, please pick birth! Birthing is one of the most important journeys in one’s life, and to have the story captured on film from beginning to end is special.

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