Hand and Feet Casting Frequently Asked Questions - Momma Story

3D Hand and Feet Casting FAQs

1 .What type of material do you use?

We use US based accu cast and stone powder for molding and filling.

2 .How many days does it take to deliver the product?

It takes approx 7-8 days for finishing and framing. But in some cases we try for quick delivery as well.

3.Do we have to visit your office for the impression?

For newborns, we visit your place, but in any case you can, we would be happy to host you in our office.

4. Is your material 100% toxic free?

Absolutely, the material is completely non-toxic and allergy free, especially made for small babies.

5.Do you use POP for filling?

No we use a very fine material to fill the mould. It’s even stronger than POP.

6. How many types of casting material are there?

We use different casting material for different usage. For instance, for babies we use a very fine material but for face casting and belly casting, a different material is used. Both the materials are non-toxic.

7.Are these delivered in frames or as table-top view?

Yes can choose from both the options :

a.) 360 degree view table top piece
b.) Wall mount glass-framed piece.

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