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Womanhood is said to be completed when a lady becomes a mom. Being a mother is one of the most remarkable phases of a woman’s life and the pregnancy beautifies this phase the most. So why not celebrate the pregnancy! 

Earlier women used to hide their baby bumps. But today flaunting baby bump is the trendiest thing. Mothers not only want to recall their pregnancy period after the birth of their baby, but they also want to show their cute baby bump to the world. That’s why they are heading towards maternity photoshoot nowadays.

Some of the best and the trendiest ideas for a maternity shoot are as follows:

Capture the flow

 Flowy gowns that embrace your baby bump and give it a perfect outline looks so good on pregnant moms. Visit a garden or some countryside fields with golden maize and wheat. Imagine yourself standing there in a dark velvet coloured gown whose trail is a few meters extra and flows with the wind. This is a high fashion shoot which is also adopted in maternity shoot nowadays.

Flowers for an angelic look

An angel is going to take birth. Her mom needs to be an angel. Try the flowers in your maternity shoot. Wear floral prints dresses in tiara or flowers as an accessory. Carry some flowers in your hands for complimenting the look. You will look like a mom blessed by heaven itself. Try flowers in the background too or sit on a flowery stage with some petals raining. Look at your baby bump meanwhile. This would be a very divine shot.


This is the trendiest theme for a maternity shoot. Basically it aims at showing your baby bump to the fullest. Wear figure-hugging clothes and stand opposite facing the sunset. Photographer stands facing the sunset and focusses the sunset. Your figure will appear black which flaunts your complete baby bump. This idea is highly advisable for a maternity shoot for those women who are in their later weeks of pregnancy.

Include the family too

Not only mothers will have all privilege from baby’s birth, but each member in the family too will be acknowledged more. So they should also be the part of the maternity shoot. They should also have the chance to show their enthusiasm for welcoming the new member.

Explore the shore

Waters look so great when the mom embraces the baby while walking along the coastline. The wind that makes mom’s dress flow and leaves a short smile on her face, and the tides along the shore that washes the mom’s feet add to the beauty to your maternity shoot.

Seasonal shots

 Giving a hint of the phase of the year in which your baby is going to step the world is a very intelligent idea for a maternity shoot. Walking with your husband in the woods is a good and romantic idea to show the ongoing season.

A message for you

Write cute stuff for your baby like “Waiting for you”, “eager to welcome”, “want to feel your hug” or expected birth date on blackboards or sticky notes that can be pasted on your bump. They look so adorable and are must to do things in a maternity shoot.

So these are some of the best ideas for a maternity shoot. Hope all the mothers viewing this article have great maternity ahead… Happy Motherhood!!

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  1. Maternity sessions are such a great opportunity to get creative, and these are some wonderful tips. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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