“Smart leaders know the power of collaborations.”

Momma Story is a result of the collaboration between Inflens and First Delight.

Inflens brought to India the concept of birth photography. They specialize in clicking all the special moments during childbirth and intend to gift an everlasting memory to the mother.

First Delight started with the mission to create as many memorable casts as possible to give people a joyful memento of their most cherished memories.

They all shared the same passion and the same goal, that is to gift lifelong memories to new moms. They all collaborated and resulted in the formation of Momma Story.

Momma Story brings you the essence of the best birth photography and best casting experiences, all under a single roof to help you in preserving the most precious moments of your life, i.e. the birth of your beloved child.

Momma Story also aims to snap pre-birth and post-birth instances of the baby. We intend to give a memorable photoshoot of your pregnancy period as well as your celebrations after the arrival of baby.

We have a vision to expand pan India and let every new momma know about the benefits of freezing her delicate moments in the form of casting and photographs. Of course we also intend to globally spread our expertise and also, our mission of preserving memories that can be cherished for lifetime.

We are already covering almost all the birth photography sessions in Delhi NCR and our presence is also well marked in other metropolitan cities like Chandigarh and Jaipur. Hundreds of photoshoots have been successfully conducted in top hospitals successfully with prior approval of doctors.

Our Founders

Urshita Saini

Head Sales

Pratibha Tiwari

Head Casting Division

Aman Shrivastava

Head Finance and Data Management

Sahil Gupta

Head BD and Alliances


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